A man smoking a cigarette in Chinatown
Two people pulling package carts in snowy Manhattan.
Two people embrace on a crosswalk in snowy Manhattan.
A woman smiling at the Manhattan skyline.
An elderly woman pulling a suitcase through downtown Manhattan.
A close up of subway grates.
An elderly man walking in front of a concrete wall.
A man reads on the Roosevelt Island Tram.
A seagull taking off.
Two lovers holding hands, walking under a bridge in central park.
A man, looking directly at the camera, smoking a cigarette in a doorway in Times Square.
A person carries a pink umbrella through the rain and fog in the city.

With Love from Manhattan

An experiment and test of the iPhone. Shot on one snowy day in Manhattan.

Director: Olivia O'Hara

DoP: Demi Waldron

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